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LGV training with TAL Training Ltd
Contact numbers for TAL Training Ltd

LGV Driver Training and HGV Driver Training Courses

About TAL Training

We are an established training body providing professional instruction by qualified instructors, to a wide variety of transport companies, agencies and individuals throughout our region.
Our aim is to provide �value for money training� and to use vehicles, which are compatible with what is generally used throughout the haulage industry.

Getting you started

This information booklet is a step-by-step guide to getting you your LGV licence at a pace, which is right for you; it is also designed to answer all your questions. If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to call us. Our friendly and experienced staff will be happy to help in whatever way possible.

TAL Training: 0114 2813022

What does LGV mean?

Large Goods Vehicle � previously known as Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV).

What do the licence categories mean?

Current     Full Licence



Category C1

A medium LGV vehicle between 3500kg and up to 7500kg.

18 years


A rigid LGV vehicle over 7.5 tonnes in weight. (This replaces the old HGV 2 and 3 categories).

18 years

Category C+E

Any category C vehicle with a trailer over 750Kg.
This will normally be an articulated vehicle (HGV 1).

18 years

* Under current regulations it is no longer possible to go straight onto Cat C+E, you must first have a full class C licence.

Your Personal Preference Option:

Option 1:
You apply for your own provisional LGV licence entitlement; arrange your own medical and LGV theory test.  All this could be very time consuming and expensive. For Example:

  • Medical: 80.00 (approx)
  • Provisional Licence:  Nil
  • MC Theory & Hazard Perception Test: 50.00
  • Module 2 CPC: 30.00
  • Driving assessment: 50.00
  • TOTAL: 210.00

Option 2:
TAL Training will arrange everything for you, for just �150.00, we will provide the following:

  • Medical: 50.00
  • Provisional Licence:  Nil
  • MC Theory & Hazard Perception Test: 50.00
  • Module 2 CPC: 30.00
  • Driving assessment: 50.00


  • TOTAL: 180.00

If you choose to go ahead with option 2, just give us a call and we will do the rest.

TAL Training: 0114 - 2813022 / Evenings & Weekends: 07919 884432

 3 easy steps to gaining your Licence:

 Step1: Medical

Medicals are currently held at different times throughout the week; let us know your availability and we will book you an appointment. Once the appointment has been booked you will need to arrive at TAL Training one hour prior to your medical to complete the necessary paperwork. The medical will be with a local doctor so transport is necessary.

Completion of Licence Application

 For us to complete the necessary forms for the provisional licence entitlement, we will need your current driving licence (both parts) and your doctor�s name, address and telephone number. After your medical, post your forms in the stamped addressed envelope provided.

(Please note � If you do not already have a photo card licence you will need to bring with you a colour passport photograph and your valid passport or birth/marriage certificate).

Provisional Licence

On receipt of your provisional Licence, please inform us so that we can arrange the next stage of your training.

Step 2: Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC)

The Driver CPC is short for �Driver Certificate of Professional Competence� it has been introduced to the UK through EU Directive 2009/59. It applies to new drivers who require LGV Cat C1 and C, drivers who passed their Car test pre 1997 is exempt module 2 & 4. The initial qualification is designed to confirm you have the knowledge and skills to drive a vehicle professionally. The initial qualification / LGV acquisition has 4 modules which must be passed.

Module 1:         DSA Theory Test � Multiple choice (Pass mark 85 out of 100)       

Module 1a:       DSA Hazard Perception Test (Pas mark 67 out of 100)

Module 2:         DSA � Theory Case Study Exam

Module 3:         DSA - Practical LGV Test (Road drive)

Module 4:         DSA � Practical Associated Knowledge Exam. Demonstrate the ability to ensure vehicle and load is safe and secure

If the thought of a theory or case study test seems a little daunting � relax, we will provide you with all the help you need.  For a �40.00 refundable deposit we will provide you with a complete learning pack. This pack contains all the necessary information & answers you need to pass the tests/exams. We will also supply training to help you through the hazard perception test.

Assessment drive � LGV Category C1 & C pupils

On completion of your theory test, we will take you out on your driving assessment. The driving assessment is designed to look at your strengths and weaknesses which will enable us to tailor the course to your needs. This is significantly worthwhile and cost effective.

Step 3:

The driving tuition/ DSA Test

The success of our training is based on individual attention at all times; tuition is carried out on a one-to-one basis, by qualified instructors. (Two-to-one training is available on request).  Our instructors have a great deal of experience in the field of driver training and logistics, they will observe every aspect of your driving technique and correcting faults where necessary. Reversing exercises are conducted at our local manoeuvring area.

Tuition is normally carried out in 4 sessions (E.g. 8 am to 12pm or 12:30 to 16:30. We recommend that tuition is taken as a �block� course e.g. Monday to Friday, but if this is not possible, we can tailor the lessons to suit you.

The vehicles

Our current fleet of training vehicles are Volvo (FM 7 / FH 12) & MAN 17T and they meet the new standards laid down by DSA. All our vehicles are highly maintained and are compatible with what is generally used throughout the haulage industry.

Category C vehicles � MAN curtain sided vehicle & a Volvo FM 7 boxed. The vehicles meet the new regulations (01 July 07) and both have an 8 speed splitter box.

Category C+E Vehicle � Volvo articulated vehicle with a box trailer. The vehicle meets the new regulations (01 July 07) and has an 8 speed splitter box.

How much is the driving tuition going to cost me?

Price will vary according to driving ability & the category required, but an average 20 hour Category C course will be 1,075.00 inclusive VAT & Test.

Where do I go from here?  �One phone call is all it takes to get started�

Course fees

Course fees quoted are for either class of vehicle (category C1, C or C+E). The price quoted is the price you pay, there are no hidden extras.

Category: C1 Rate: 40.00 + VAT, C: Hourly Rate: �41.67 + VAT @ 20% = �50.00




@ 20%

Test Fee


16 Hours

4 half days




883.00 (CAT C1)

20 Hours

5 half days




1115.00 (CAT C)

Category: C+E: Hourly Rate: �45.00 + VAT @ 20% = �54.00




@ 20%

Test Fee


16 Hours

4 half days





20 Hours

5 half days





Weekday Re-Test Fee �2 hours LGV Training, followed by the DSA Practical Test�


Cat C: 4 x 41.67 = 166.68 + VAT = 200.00 + LGV Test @ 115.00 = 315.00.
Cat C+E: 4 x 45.00 = 180.00 + VAT = 225.00 + LGV Test @ 115.00 = 340.00.

The DSA LGV Test fee for a Saturday is 141.00; therefore add 26.00 to the total price. There is no extra charge for weekend tuition.


Medical:                                             50.00 Provisional Licence           (Vocational Licences)

Assessment Drive:                           50.00 inclusive VAT

Hourly Rate: Cat C &      41.67            + VAT = 50.00

Hourly Rate: Cat C+E                     45.00            + VAT = 54.00

Driver CPC Initial Qualification:

Module 1:
Theory Test                                       35.00            (VAT zero rated)
Hazard Perception Test                  15.00            (VAT zero rated)

Module 2:
Case Study                                       30.00            (VAT zero rated)

Module 3:
Practical Test Fee                            115.00          Sat Test = 141.00   (VAT zero rated)

Module 4:
Associated Knowledge Test          55.00            Sat Test = 63.00     (VAT zero rated)

Payment terms and conditions

Please note that all course and training fees must be paid for in advance.

1.         Starter packs must be paid for on the day of going for the medical or before, by cash or cheque.

2.         To confirm the course booking we ask for 200.00, which must be received 14 days before the course begins.

3.         All course fees must be paid on the First day of the course by cash or seven working days prior to course commencement by cheque.

4.         Any re-test/training fees must be paid for in advance.

5.         In the event of a lesson or test being aborted due to mechanical failure, then customers will only be charged for the tuition received.

6.         TAL Training reserves the right to re-arrange lessons/tests in the event of unforeseen circumstances (e.g. adverse weather conditions, sickness, cancellations by the DSA, etc.)

7.         In the event of non-attendance, TAL Training reserve the right to charge customers for the tuition / test booked. TAL Training requires 3 clear working days notice to cancel a course/test; failure to comply will result in a full charge.

8.         If customers arrive late for a lesson, TAL Training reserve the right to finish at the scheduled time and charge in full for the time booked.

Price list as at: 21 Feb 2011


TAL Training Ltd : 12e Orgreave Close : Handsworth : Sheffield : South Yorkshire S13 9NP

Telephone : 0114 281 3022 or fill out the form on the contact page and we will come back to you